Dortmund Announce Fixture Amendments


With the Champions League and Europa League fixtures being confirmed for German clubs, BVB have today announced a number of amended fixtures. Curiously, the fixture amendments mean BVB have four consecutive home matches between 01-22 October. Dortmund’s full fixture list is available at: fixtures-2013-14.

Champions League fixtures are as follows:

Wed 18/09 AWAY v. Olympiakos
Tue 01/10 HOME v. Arsenal
Tue 22/10 HOME v. Juventus
Wed 06/11 AWAY v. Juventus
Tue 26/11 HOME v. Olympiakos
Wed 11/12 AWAY v. Arsenal

Amended domestic fixtures:

Sun 22/09 AWAY v. Bayer Leverkusen (B.Liga, moved from 21/09)
Wed 30/10 AWAY v. Hamburg SV       (B.Liga, moved from 08/10)
Wed 13/11 AWAY v. Heidenheim       (Pokal2, moved from 30/10)
Wed 04/12 AWAY v. VfL Bochum       (B.Liga, moved from 27/11)
Wed 22/01 AWAY v. Werder Bremen    (B.Liga, moved from 07/12)