Surman’s Pre-Match Press Conference


Dortmund manager Grayson Surman held the club’s regular pre-match press conference this Friday afternoon ahead of Sunday’s trip to league leaders Bayer Leverkusen. Andreas Holtz of Dortmund Daily was on hand to ask who BVB thought would mark Stefan Kießling, with Mats Hummels back to full fitness.

journalist70Paul Weiß, German Football Review
“You managed a win in your midweek clash against Olympiakos,
but how different a threat will Bayer Leverkusen pose?”

“They’re cup-holders and top of the league for a reason.
It’s good to be back in Germany against familiar opposition.


Paul Weiß, German Football Review
“Having spent much of the last week travelling, will fatigue be an issue?

“With our experience, we’re used to this situation and have prepared accordingly. They’ve had a day less rest than us, remember.”

journalist70Gregor Wolf, The Gazette
“Your last game trip to the Bay Arena ended in a 2-1 home win.
What do you make of your chances there this season?

“If we perform as we can, and as we have all month, we have a
good chance of getting a result we’re happy with on Sunday.

journalist70Andreas Holtz, Football Daily
“Would you agree that Stefan Kießling will pose the
main danger to your Dortmund defence on Sunday?

“Everyone can see Stefan’s quality.
It’s up to us to stifle his threat.”

journalist70Andreas Holtz, Football Daily
“Who will you be relying on to counter him? Mats Hummels is fit again, but your other two centre-backs have both taken man-of-the-match in your last two games.

“Mats will likely start alongside Neven,
depending on late fitness tests.”

journalist70Paul Weiß, Football Review
“Mario Götze won’t be available to you.
How big a blow is that to your chances?

“It’s clearly a big blow for us, but we’ve got a strong squad and
everyone here is capable of performing as well as Mario does.”

journalist70Paul Weiß, Football Review
“Who are you considering as a replacement for Mario?
You’ve got some great attacking talent at the club.”

“It’s unlikely we’ll keep the same system, Ivan
Perisic will likely start and we’ll work from there.”

journalist70Paul Weiß, Football Review
“Is there a chance that Ivan could put pressure on Mario
and stake a claim for a regular place in the starting line-up?”

“That could well be a possibility.
Nobody has an automatic place.”

Sunday 22 September: Bayer Leverkusen v. Borussia Dortmund (Bundesliga)