Surman’s Post-Match Press Conference


Following tonight’s 5-0 thumping of DüsseldorfFirst Team Manager Grayson Surman took questions from the assembled regional and national newspapers about some great performances in the squad, and the match in general. It had been rumoured pre-match that Marc Hornschuh was starting to become unsettled at not getting first-team opportunities.

journalist70Andreas Holtz, Dortmund Daily
Marc Hornschuh asked for first-team football, got it, and puts in that kind of performance. What did you make of it? Does he merit a place in the starting eleven regularly?”

“We’re lucky to have three world-class centre-backs and two youngsters who can challenge for chances when they arise, and tonight was one of those opportunities. Marc works hard and asks all the right questions.


Leon Horn, The Express
“To say that particular result was on the cards would be an exaggeration. Just how pleased are you by the outcome?

“It’s a great feeling when everything comes together and culminates in results like tonight. The whole team deserves credit tonight.

journalist70Hermann Bach, Football Daily
Marc Hornschuh’s header gave you an early lead. Did you feel it was going to be your day when you saw that go in? ” 

“I did, it was a great start. We work on that.
I’d like to see the league stats of goals from corners.”

journalist70Gregor Wolf, The Gazette
Tonel had a terrible game for the visitors.
Did you enjoy seeing him falter?

“It’s my guys that deserve the credit for giving their back four the run-around all night. I wouldn’t like to try and mark our front-line!”

journalist70Gregor Wolf, The Gazette
“Julian Schieber worked his socks off and grabbed two goals and picked up the man of the match. What did you think of him today?

“Julian has offered us something else recently, so giving him the opportunity to lead the line tonight and being repaid like  that – brilliant.”