WCQs: The Road to Brazil 2014


78 nations will compete over the next five days for the remaining 23 places at next year’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil. As the road to Brazil reaches the final stage, we can take a look at the countries most likely to be at the tournament next summer. Nine countries have already booked their place there, who’s going to join them? We might have ten more answers this weekend.

Fixtures are set to be played on 11th and 15th October.


  • Group 1:   Belgium – already qualified.
  • Group 2:   Italy will qualify if they take a point from trips to Armenia or Bulgaria.
  • Group 3:   Germany will qualify if they avoid defeat to Sweden on 11/10.
  • Group 4:   Netherlands – already qualified.
  • Group 5:   Switzerland (18pts) or Norway (16pts). They meet in Norway on 15/10.
  • Group 6:   Portugal will qualify with a win against Israel or in Azerbaijan, pipping Russia.
  • Group 7:   Bosnia (19pts) or Slovakia (16pts). Both have two matches to play.
  • Group 8:   England will qualify if they avoid defeat by Ukraine at Wembley on 15/10.
  • Group 9:   Spain will qualify if France draw in Belarus (11/10), or if they win there (15/10).
  • Playoffs:  Top 8 of the 9 runners-up play two-legs to qualify alongside group winners.


  • Ten nations play a two-legged playoff to qualify for the World Cup.
  • First Leg 11 October, Second Leg 15 November.
    • Algeria v. South Africa
    • Cameroon v. Guinea
    • Egypt v. Senegal
    • Ivory Coast v. Ghana
    • Tunisia v. Morocco


  • Iran, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea have all qualified.
  • Australia will play the 4th placed South American nation in a two-leg playoff.


  • New Zealand will play the 4th placed North American nation in a two-leg playoff.

North America

  • Mexico have already qualified.
  • United States will qualify with a point in Costa Rica or Mexico.
  • Honduras will qualify if they beat Jamaica at home on 15/10.

South America

  • Argentina have already qualified.
  • Chile will qualify if they beat Paraguay on 11/10.
  • Colombia will qualify if Chile win (above) and they beat Venezuala on 11/10.
  • Paraguay most likely side to finish 4th, and play Australia in a two-leg playoff.