FIFA World Cup: Second Round Fixtures


48 matches later, and we’ve halved the number of sides still competing at the 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup after the conclusion of the Group Stage.

Curiously, no side progressed with three wins in their group, though six sides were unbeaten: Japan, Uruguay, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, and Germany, with Norway and Germany both through as runners-up in their respective groups.

Vágner Love leads the scoring charts with five, scoring in each of Brazil’s games. Edin Dzeko is the only other player to manage the same feat, scoring four goals in Bosnia’s three games despite them finishing bottom of Group B.

England were the highest-ranked nation (6th) to not make the last sixteen, as a 93rd minute winner for USA in the match between the two sides saw the England miss out on progression to the knockout stages, going from 2nd to bottom in the group in a matter of seconds.

7th ranked Colombia also failed to make the last sixteen in the competition on South American soil. Other nations in the Top 16 rankings not to progress are Ivory Coast (9th, DNQ), Sweden (11th), Ghana (14th), Mexico (15th), and Slovakia (16th). The lowest-ranked nation to qualify for the Second Round are South Korea, ranked 62nd in the world.

Of the last sixteen, 8 are from Europe, 4 from South America, 3 from Asia, and 1 from the CONCACAF region. None of the six African sides made it through the groups, only picking up twelve points between them.

Second Round Fixtures (World Rankings):

Sat 28 June
       Japan (42) v. South Korea (62)     Belo Horizonte
      Uruguay (4) v. Spain (1)            Fortaleza

Sun 29 June
      Brazil (23) v. United States (44)   Rio de Janeiro
 Switzerland (12) v. Croatia (13)         Recife

Mon 30 June
  Netherlands (5) v. Chile (10)           Brasilia
        Italy (2) v. Norway (27)          Sao Paulo

Tue 01 July
    Portugal (26) v. Australia (33)       Porto Alegre
    Argentina (8) v. Germany (3)          Salvador