BVB Press Conference: Stevan Jovetic Unveiled


A press conference was called at Signal Iduna Park ahead of tomorrow’s friendly against Wigan Athletic to introduce new club-record signing Stevan Jovetic, who completed his £32m move from ACF Fiorentina yesterday. He’ll wear #28.

journalist70Leon Horn, The Express:
“What impact, if any, will this signing
have on the rest of the Dortmund squad?”

surman70“I am confident that it will be a massive boost to
the whole team. It shows how dedicated we
are at the club to remaining competitive.”


Hermann Bach, Fußball Daily:
“You must be hoping that Stevan will play a big
part in any success Dortmund have in the future?

surman70“I’m certain he can make a big contribution to
maintaining our level of success. He’s perfect
for the Bundesliga. That’s why he’s here.

journalist70World Soccer Magazine:
“Do you believe the signing will
benefit your team in the long-term?”

surman70“This signing is just part of my long-term vision for
the future of Borussia Dortmund, but I believe
Stevan can make an immediate impact

journalist70Gregor Wolf, The Gazette:
“Is there likely to be a change in the style of football you play?
You’ve got three international strikers fighting for one starting spot.

surman70“I doubt we’ll see changes to our footballing
philosophy, but we now have is an extra
option when we need to change a game.”

journalist70Ung Sokunthea, European Football:
“You caught many people off-guard with this signing.
Was it hard to keep the deal under wraps?

surman70“It was hard to keep this one quiet, and we had
to act quickly once news broke after Fiorentina
contacted us about his availability.”

journalist70Leon Horn, Express:
“Does this deal have much of an impact on your transfer budget?
Is the kitty empty after three big signings?

surman70“It was an expensive transfer for the club
and there won’t be any more deals.
The squad is exactly how I want it.” 

journalist70Leon Horn, Express:
“In that case, are you going to have to sell
any players in order to balance the books?

surman70“I bought these players to improve the squad
using an agreed budget. It would be stupid to
weaken the squad again by selling players.”

journalist70Gregor Wolf, German Football Gazette:
“Are any further signings in the pipeline?
A club of your stature will always be linked to players.

surman70“I will not be making any further deals.
The only other changes will be some
new faces on the youth coaching staff.”

journalist70Ung Sokunthea, European Football:
“What is the relationship between you two,
and why did Stevan want to work under you?

surman70“I have a great respect for Stevan, and have admired
his talents for some time. I look forward to working
with him. He gives us lots of exciting options.”

journalist70Andreas Holtz, Dortmund Daily:
“Do you agree with those who say that the four-year contract
given to Jovetic represents a risk if things don’t work out?

surman70“I don’t think there’s any risk in this deal,
and we have an in-form striker committed to
this club for his best years. This is a great day.”