RTFM: Once, Twice, Three Times a Relaunch


Hello! As the new football season approaches, there’s the annual stirring in the loins of what to do with RTFM after I paused the save last summer. As previous blog entries will reflect, I tried very hard to relaunch this little world on FM16 with AFC Wimbledon, and then later fancied an end-of-season challenge with West Ham in the same game

Unfortunately, neither worked out and didn’t get off the ground despite a lot of preparation from everyone involved. I took time away from the FM community to focus on other things, but that itch was always there wanting to be scratched.

I recently discovered that I have a copy of the original RTFM save from the day before I resigned, 29 June 2015. Previously on the blog, I had holiday’d the save and reported on the news from Dortmund and beyond to see how they got on. I also briefly posted news from a different FM16 save before I was due to take over at West Ham.

I’ve tried to start with new clubs and on newer versions of Football Manager, but my heart just isn’t in it. My heart lies with the Borussia Dortmund side I built over two seasons, and that’s where I shall return. Later this month, I’ll bring the save back to life and carry on with the real-time progress that I’ve missed over the past year.

The game will likely be holiday’d from the end of June 2015 until the current date, where I’ll take a look at everything that went on and report back with the big news. Fingers crossed I don’t get sacked! I’ll either archive or delete the what happened next? and FM16-related blog posts so that this site stays canon.

It’s nice to blog again. Hello. G x


3 thoughts on “RTFM: Once, Twice, Three Times a Relaunch

  1. The FM16 and “What Happened Next?” entries have now been archived and made private. The relaunch of RTFM will not recognise them as canon, and will update the trophy cabinet to reflect whatever happened in our save from the 2015-16 season before we resume.

  2. I have found that as well. It’s as if you have unfinished business and that needs to be resolved.

    One thing you could do is to come back as a new manager. Same team, new face at the helm.

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