Collaboration Ideas for FM16


I’m writing to enquire whether you’d be willing to collaborate with us during the FM16 season. Our content begins to go live with our first matchday on 15 November, and I’ve a couple of ideas which I think are pretty cool and will make our current matchday experience even more realistic.

RTFM has been running for three years, with our “real-time” daily save on FM13, but we’re rebooting with significant support from Sports Interactive with FM16. They’re very keen for us to expand and get involved with some of the other great FM content creators over the course of the season like one big happy football manager family.

If you’ve ever read our matchday reports, we produce a teamsheet (example below), but I’d like to add “sponsors” in the form of the match ball (a logo of your site/blog), and also a season-long one. Y’know, your logo at the top as if you were one of my club’s real sponsors.

Not asking for anything, but sending traffic your way when I mention it. “Today’s teamsheet in association with XYZ” etc. With the match ball sponsor, I’d like to link to someone different each game. I hope to create a weekly mini-podcast, 5-10 minutes tops, just rounding up everything up that’s happened in the save that could also have a shoutout bumper.

Keeping on the collaborations theme, I’m very keen to send PKMs to those blogs who have a more tactical analyst edge to them, and they can review our tactic(s) as if it was a real match. Similarly, I’d also welcome interview / press conference questions from the community for those times when they come up.

I haven’t yet revealed to the wider world which club I’ll be taking charge of yet, and will make that announcement in the next week. They’re in League Two though.

I’d really welcome any ideas if you have any others, I’d love to be working more with fellow FM fans as I plod through my alternative football existence!

À bientôt,