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Are you back for the next FM?

Maybe… I tried very hard to launch a new project for FM16 but couldn’t quite get it over the line after some licensing issues, and I was gutted that it didn’t happen. RTFM was such an enjoyable venture that I would love to re-engage with it, though I’ve dabbled with other teams, but Dortmund stole my heart. At time of writing (April 2018), there is a World Cup on the horizon… I’m starting to get the itch again.

How do I contact you?

RTFM is on AskFMTwitter, Tumblr, Facebook and YouTube, or you can comment on any blog entry and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m notified. Twitter’s quickest, but if you feel compelled to e-mail me or add me to your mailing lists:

What do you mean by “real-time”?

I advance the save in-game by a single day for every day in “real life”. This usually occurs at lunchtime or early evening, followed by a blog post about the latest activity in the save, depending on work. Over the weekend, I’ll schedule posts to go live throughout the day and try to keep a “match day experience” – a Friday preview, etc. Saturday matches are usually played in the evening due to real life commitments.

Matches featuring the club I manage are played using the “full match” view option, which takes about an hour (stoppages in play are restarted by the game engine almost immediately) plus any time taken to prepare and post goal screenshots to twitter and the blog as the match is in progress.

What made you start RTFM?

The idea came to me during FM09 but by that point my save was too advanced to either start afresh or put on hold. I’ve typically only bought the new FM every other year, but by the time FM11 came round I missed the launch as I was abroad with work.

FM13’s launch was a good opportunity, and I created my save and played to 1st December 2012 in game-time, and created the blog ready to start from that day. I like how slowly over the course of a season reality and FM13 go off on their separate ways. Best example: Wolves won the Championship in 2013, the year they were relegated IRL.

Who do you support?


Is this your only FM save?

Sure is!

Why Borussia Dortmund?

FM13 Answer: In May 2013 Liverpool fired Brendan Rodgers and the next day appointed Jürgen Klopp. Other than the Chelsea job I applied for then turned down in January 2013, it was the first “big” job available on my save. Applied and got it. Always had a soft spot for them.

Is anyone else involved?

Just me. I make the graphics, and publish the news (and sing the theme tune).

Can I get involved?

I welcome interaction from fellow FM players and readers of the blog, and love chatting about the game and football in general @realtimeFM but no roles are currently available. It’s my daily moment of fun and escapism.

What about when FM16 comes out?

FM13 Answer: For the last three years, I’ve responded with, “I’ll keep playing this save until it no longer appeals, regens become too prevalent, or I feel I’ve achieved what I can.” However, in the summer of 2015, I’ve decided to pause RTFM in July and reboot it with the beta launch of FM16. Club currently undecided, though it’s highly likely I’ll take over at Anderlecht as our youth prospects are tremendously exciting. I hope my first job isn’t to try and re-sign Dennis Praet though. #heartbreak

What happens when you holiday?

My MacBook usually goes with me everywhere, but I either play in advance and schedule blog posts to go live on the right dates, or play half the save before I go and then catch up when I get back.

Can you explain the blog’s tagging?

All blog entries are filed under Categories (see the drop-down menu to the right) based on the content – match report, specific competition, transfers, etc. Some entries are also tagged with player surnames – particularly transfer news, bids and injuries that I use to track old new stories to link back to. I only starting the tagging in July 2013, and it’s not an exact science.

What leagues do you run?

FM13 Answer: I currently run all English leagues down to Conference N/S, and then seven top flights across Europe. I used to have MLS, Brazil, and S.Africa loaded but realised I never read through their news items. I cut Scotland and Russia out in the summer of 2014 for the same reason.

Can you link to my blog?

Sure! Get in touch and I’ll add you to the links if you run a Football or FM blog.

I heard there were RTFM badges…?

There are, right here! I give them away in twitter contests and at FM meetups.

Biggest achievement in FM13?


Dennis Praet is bae. #NoPraetNoParty

♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. Nice blog you have. I’m currently (again) seriously thinking to open blog similar to this. When i have fm12 i was on this idea..

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