World Cup 2014 Results



Fri 13 June
3pm A Spain 4-0 Algeria        Rio de Janeiro   [MR] [PKM] [YT]
7pm A Japan 1-1 Colombia       Manaus           [MR] [PKM] [YT]

Sat 14 June
3pm B Uruguay 3-2 Belgium      Natal            [MR] [PKM] [YT]
5pm C Croatia 4-2 Brazil       Recife           [MR] [PKM] [YT]
7pm B South Korea 3-2 Bosnia   Porto Alegre     [MR] [PKM] [YT]

Sun 15 June
3pm D Senegal 0-5 England      Manaus           [MR] [PKM] [YT]
5pm D Switzerland 2-0 USA      Fortaleza        [MR] [PKM] [YT]
7pm C Slovakia 1-1 Iran        Sao Paulo        [MR] [PKM] [YT]

Mon 16 June
3pm E Netherlands 4-0 Guinea   Belo Horizonte   [MR] [PKM] [YT]
5pm F Chile 0-2 Saudi Arabia   Salvador         [MR] [PKM] [YT]
7pm E Canada 0-2 Norway        Rio de Janeiro   [MR] [PKM] [YT]

Tue 17 June
3pm G Australia 1-1 Mexico     Sao Paulo        [MR] [PKM] [YT]
5pm G Sweden 1-2 Argentina     Belo Horizonte   [MR] [PKM] [YT]
7pm F Ghana 0-2 Italy          Brasilia         [MR] [PKM] [YT]

Wed 18 June
3pm H Portugal 2-0 Jamaica     Porto Alegre     [MR] [PKM] [YT]
5pm A Colombia 1-2 Spain       Natal            [MR] [PKM] [YT]
7pm H Morocco 0-3 Germany      Recife           [MR] [PKM] [YT]

Thu 19 June
3pm B Belgium 1-4 South Korea  Salvador         [MR] [PKM] [YT]
5pm B Bosnia 1-1 Uruguay       Manaus           [MR] [PKM] [YT]
7pm A Algeria 1-2 Japan        Fortaleza        [MR] [PKM] [YT]

Fri 20 June
3pm C Brazil 4-3 Slovakia      Porto Alegre     [MR] [PKM] [YT]
5pm D USA 1-1 Senegal          Salvador         [MR] [PKM] [YT]
7pm C Iran 0-0 Croatia         Rio de Janeiro   [MR] [PKM] [--]

Sat 21 June
3pm E Guinea 2-0 Canada        Natal            [MR] [PKM] [YT]
5pm E Norway 1-1 Netherlands   Sao Paulo        [MR] [PKM] [YT]
7pm D England 1-2 Switzerland  Brasilia         [MR] [PKM] [YT]

Sun 22 June
3pm F Italy 2-3 Chile          Recife           [MR] [PKM] [YT]
5pm G Argentina 0-2 Australia  Manaus           [MR] [PKM] [YT]
7pm F Saudi Arabia 0-0 Ghana   Belo Horizonte   [MR] [PKM] [--]

Mon 23 June
3pm H Jamaica 1-0 Morocco      Fortaleza        [MR] [PKM] [YT]
5pm H Germany 0-0 Portugal     Brasilia         [MR] [PKM] [--]
7pm G Mexico 1-0 Sweden        Porto Alegre     [MR] [PKM] [YT]


Tue 24 June
3pm A Algeria 0-2 Colombia     Salvador         [MR] [PKM] [YT]
3pm A Spain 0-1 Japan          Sao Paulo        [MR] [PKM] [YT]


Tue 24 June
7pm B Belgium 3-1 Bosnia       Rio de Janeiro   [MR] [PKM] [YT]
7pm B Uruguay 4-1 South Korea  Fortaleza        [MR] [PKM] [YT]


Wed 25 June 
3pm C Iran 1-3 Brazil          Natal            [MR] [PKM] [YT]
3pm C Slovakia 3-2 Croatia     Belo Horizonte   [MR] [PKM] [YT]


Wed 25 June 
7pm D USA 3-2 England          Porto Alegre     [MR] [PKM] [YT]
7pm D Switzerland 1-2 Senegal  Recife           [MR] [PKM] [YT]


Thu 26 June
3pm E Guinea 0-0 Norway        Brasilia         [MR] [PKM] [--]
3pm E Netherlands 3-0 Canada   Salvador         [MR] [PKM] [YT]


Thu 26 June
7pm F Chile 3-3 Ghana          Manaus           [MR] [PKM] [YT]
7pm F Saudi Arabia 0-3 Italy   Fortaleza        [MR] [PKM] [YT]


Fri 27 June
3pm G Australia 0-1 Sweden     Recife           [MR] [PKM] [YT]
3pm G Mexico 1-2 Argentina     Rio de Janeiro   [MR] [PKM] [YT]


Fri 27 June
7pm H Jamaica 2-2 Germany      Belo Horizonte   [MR] [PKM] [YT]
7pm H Portugal 3-1 Morocco     Natal            [MR] [PKM] [YT]


Sat 28 June
3pm SR1 Japan 1-0 South Korea    Belo Horizonte [MR] [PKM] [YT]
7pm SR2 Uruguay 0-2 Spain        Fortaleza      [MR] [PKM] [YT]

Sun 29 June
3pm SR3 United States 0-2 Brazil Rio de Janeiro [MR] [PKM] [YT]
7pm SR4 Croatia 2-0 Switzerland  Recife         [MR] [PKM] [YT]

Mon 30 June
3pm SR5 Chile 1-2 Netherlands    Brasilia       [MR] [PKM] [YT]
7pm SR6 Norway 1-3 Italy         Sao Paulo      [MR] [PKM] [YT]

Tue 01 July
3pm SR7 Portugal 1-2 Australia   Porto Alegre   [MR] [PKM] [YT]
7pm SR8 Argentina 1-3 Germany    Salvador       [MR] [PKM] [YT]


Fri 04 July
QF1 Spain 1-2 Brazil           Salvador         [MR] [PKM] [YT]
QF2 Japan 3-3 (2-4p) Croatia   Fortaleza        [MR] [PKM] [YT]

Sat 05 July
QF3 Italy 1-0 Germany          Brasilia         [MR] [PKM] [YT]
QF4 Netherlands 3-0 Australia  Rio de Janeiro   [MR] [PKM] [YT]

Tue 08 July
SF1 Croatia 0-1 Italy          Sau Paulo        [MR] [PKM] [YT]

Wed 09 July 
SF2 Brazil 1-0 Netherlands     Belo Horizonte   [MR] [PKM] [YT]

Sat 12 July
3PO Netherlands 0-2 Croatia    Brasilia         [MR] [PKM] [YT]


Sun 13 July
WCF Italy 1-2 Brazil           Rio de Janeiro   [MR] [PKM] [YT]


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